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About Us

By traveling around the world, surfing, snowboarding and kayaking we came to realize how amazing our own country really is. Shared interest in those sports led us together back in 2000, followed by years of countless adventures both home and away. Founded in 2009 by  Ingólfur M. Olsen (a.k.a. Ingo), and  Erlendur Magnússon (a.k.a. Elli) Arctic Surfers aims to take you to surf spots very few have seen and even fewer have surfed before. 
Before founding Arctic Surfers, Elli and Ingo worked for number of years for the largest adventure tour operator in Iceland, Arctic Adventures as tour guides. With their years of experience as tour guides (river rafting, snorkeling, jeeping, Ice climbing, caving and more), local knowledge and passion for the sport they are sure to promise you an unforgettable Arctic Surfing experience.
Ingo is Arctic Surfers head guide and chief of operation, travelling cross the country in the endless and constant search for new waves, new things,
thrills and spils... The possibility and different combinations  in his missions seem endless.
Elli works as a professional photographer and is popular as such. He is responsible for almost all the images that decorate  Arctic Surfers home page and others.   (check out Ellis work on his photo page: