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Arctic Surfers Equipment:

We can provide wet suits and other surf equpment upon request. This is to ensure an enjoyable surfing experience in equipment that is suitable for Icelandic water/weather conditions and to save you the hassle of bringing a bulky wetsuit and surf board on your flight to Iceland. But you are more then welcome to bring your own surf gear.

We use Gul Vortex 6/5/4mm Hooded Steamer wetsuit's on all our trips and we upgrade our wetsuit's every other season to ensure maximum warmth, comfort and performans for our customers  Along with this we use 5mm round toe booties and 5mm gloves. This equipment has been tried and tested in Icelandic conditions  and is the equipment of choice for most of the local surfers.

(In high summer and fall season most of the locals surf in  there 4/3 suits, without hoods and gloves....)

Arctic Surfers offers a range of rental boards for customers that choose not to bring their own surfboards with them to Iceland. This includes fiberglass longboards, shortboards, mini malibu's and fish boards in various sizes. A cheaper option is a selection of Bic Surfboards that we rent out in two sizes: 7'3 mini malibu and 6'8 shortboard.

For the Surf and Snow trip we have a small selection of snowboards for rent. Bringing your own snowboard boots is however a must!

Arctic Surfers  rents out equipment to travelling surfers, if the gear is available and not in use.

(We can not garenty that surf gear will be available and strongly suggest that that you get in contact with us beforehand...)

For rental price and information email: