April 17, 2021

Reykjavik Base Camp

Level of surfing skill required: Intermediate to expert

From one to Several days of surfing with Reykjavík and its surroundings as a base camp.

Do empty lineups, world-class waves and dramatic surroundings sound tempting? Discover why the surf media is calling Iceland the new Morocco

(the place where everyone’s going because no one’s going there). And before you ask, no it’s not that cold! If you surf during the right season you’ll experience water temperatures similar to those in Ireland and Scotland.

The local surfers from Reykjavik (all 20 of them) have been exploring the surrounding coastline for the last 15 years. During that time they, along with the odd visiting pro surfer, have pioneered everything from black sand beach breaks, peeling pebble point breaks to heaving reef breaks. Most of the best surf spots are located within an hour’s drive from the capital of Iceland, meaning that you can escape to deserted beaches but still chill out in one of the most lively capitals in Europe for some after-surf fun. During the early autumn Iceland is bombarded with swells from every direction, providing for a very high surf reliability and good wind/swell combos. This means that on most days we can find good surf to challenge even the most experienced surfers. Whether you are looking for gentle rolling point breaks for cruising or some gnarly tubes in the head high+ range, chances are we can find it for you.

Reykjavik offers the adventurous surfer a chance to discover the un crowded waves around the Reykjanes peninsula. The city’s booming nightlife, legendary music scene and amazing local food is something that everyone should take advantage of.

From our base camp in Reykjavík we can arrange trips to the West fjords, Snæfellsjökul peninsula and national park, South coast and of course up north to our Board Riders Base Camp in Ólafsfjörður. All locations are known for quality surf and amazing surroundings.

Guaranteed departures for 2013/2014:

We have operations throughout the year.

Bookings available until we are fully booked

(We specialise in smaller groups and more personal tours)

Example of trips from Reykjavík:

The surf day tour: (1 day mission)
We begin our tour leaving the city of Reykjavik with a 45min drive to explore Reykjanes peninsula. Reykjanes has some of the best and most consistent waves in Iceland. You will experience amazing landscape, lava rock, local pools as well as some fantastic preserved secrets.

If conditions change do to weather or swell we always have a plan-B. Our plan-B options are based on our clients, weather forecast and conditions.

Includes: guide, transportation, packet lunch, board, wet suit and some local perks and information

Duration: 6-8 hours depending on the crowd and unforeseen circumstances

Price: 39,900isk per person

This is not a private tour and requires a minimum of two people and a maximum of four. As long as there is room in the car and surf line up others can join.

The Private tour:

You will get a private guide for the day that will take you for an Icelandic adventure where surfing usually is the main activity. You will experience amazing landscape, lava rock, local pools as well as some fantastic preserved secrets.

If conditions change do to weather or swell we always have a plan-B. Our plan-B options are based on our clients, weather forecast and conditions and may consist of:

  • Glacier day
  • Free diving in Silfra
  • Quat biking (priced for 1-2 people)
  • Cave tour
  • Volcano day

Duration: 6-10 hours depending on the crowd and unforeseen circumstances

Includes: Guide, transportation, packet lunch, local perks and all other activities.

Price: 139,900isk

This trip is a four person maximum.

South and West tour

(exstended version of The Private Tour)

Follow the waves where they take you and discover Iceland´s numerous wonders. Many of Iceland´s waves have never been surfed and new areas for surfing are constantly being discovered. We believe you will thoroughly enjoy such awesome surfing playground destinations as the Reykjanes, the south coast and Snæfellsnes peninsulas and everything else these locations have to offer. We will plan the excursion with our clients prior to the departure date of the tour.

Duration: Two days – pick up 9am on the first day and drop off 8pm on the second day.

Includes: A tour guide and surf guide, transportation that fits the tour, surf gear, meals during the tour consists of: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, accommodation for one night outside Reykjavik, other activities and perks.

Price: Two people book together 149,900isk per person.

This can be a private tour or an open trip, we can accommodate up to six people on this tour and larger groups upon prior notification.

We also offer VIP or Deluxe options!

Airplanes for surf scouting, sight seeing and location transfer.

For added spice we can provide super jeeps, jet ski, boats, atw´s and diverse locations, luxury accommodations and dining as well as

professional photography and cinematography

Price: For price and further info contact us at: info@arcticsurfers.is


Please note: This is not a beginners surf course; to take part in this trip you have to have at least basic surf skills.
All surfing is performed in worm and flexible neoprene suit. Surfers are required to supply detailed size information for wet suits before hand.
Distance from Reykjavik: 45-400 km, (depends on the tour and conditons)
Duration of trip: 1-7 days in Iceland.
Age limit: 18 years.

Want to learn how to surf ?

We do not operate a surf school on a regular bases but we can offer a beginners course for organized groups or as a private tour. We also work with and suport a local surf school that is run by qualified personnel and has it´s operation based in Reykjanes peninsula.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding any tour, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon possible.

Disclaimer: All surf trips and other activites undertaken are the responsibility of the participants. Arctic Surfers & Arctic Adventures do not assume any responsibility for accidents or loss caused by any customer or participants which is a result of or can be traced back to their own actions. Participants are required to sign a waiver before undertaking any trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherit risk.